When I first began this odd little experiment, I had a clear objective in mind; to build a Hoverboard that was practical, affordable, and fun to ride by the end of 2014. I’ve been through a few dozen iterations and finally have something I believe meets those standards…that said, I know this project has much more potential. 

I’m assembling a small team of local enthusiasts in Austin TX, but I want this to be something anyone can participate in. I’m confident that the power of an open source community can bring Mr Hoverboard to unprecedented new heights. I’m thrilled to see what dormant ideas might be hiding out there.

I realize that not everyone out there who would enjoy Mr Hoverboard is a maker or builder. This is frustrating as I truly want Mr Hoverboard to be something for everyone. Though I’m eager to launch Mr Hoverboard as a crowd funded project and get one into your hands asap, rules prohibit such a campaign due to the fact that I can’t sell Black & Decker leaf blowers. However, I have faith that this obstacle can be overcome with enough time and focus.

If you would like to help accelerate the process, I’m happy to offer you the opportunity to contribute to Mr Hoverboard. I’m currently funding this project through a part time job at a restaurant and whatever else I can scrape together. Any support you can share would be greatly appreciated.

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It has been an exciting year, but I’m hoping that 2015 will be an even bigger step forward for Mr Hoverboard.

Thanks and all the best,


Ryan Craven




[Ryan is a graduate of UW-Madison’s school of Communication Arts 2010. He is a maker, musician, and entrepreneur currently residing in Austin, TX.] Contact: [email protected]


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Special thanks to my mentor Joe Carr who kept this project on track. Also thanks to any friends and family who humored me when I told them I was building a hoverboard.